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Over irregularity in Atal Awas Allotment

Bhilai, oct 21: Around 70 benizens under the leadership of nitish kashyap, district president of hind sena staged demonstration at bhilai municipal corporation (BMC) over irregularity in allotment of atal awas.

They carped about their problems to BMC commissioner rajesh sukumar toppo demanding for allotting the houses to people who were forcefully thrown out during survrey carried by BMC.

In the noon hours of Thursday, the protestors gathered in front of commissioner’s room demanding for meeting with him.

The activists shouted slogans against the corruption that pervaded in BMC and demanded for proper allotment of atal awas. The people carped that they have been removed from various places during anti encroachment drive of BMC.

During the drive it was said to them that they will be rehabilitated to atal awas and serial numbers of houses were also given to them. They alleged that their nanes have been removed from the list of beneficiaries.

They also carped that 8 to 10 families were removed from atal awas by BMC. They demanded from toppo to rehabilitate the families who were throws atal awas and also for taking strict actions against the officials who are responsible for the injustice with real beneficiaries. Toppo assured to rehabilitate them before diwali.

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