mangesh vaidya sahu

Bhilai, Feb 12: number of hind sena foundation activists set ablaze an effigy of naxalites on road no. 18 recently protesting the suicidal naxal attacts taking place in the state demonstration was held under the direction of MANGESH VAIDYA SAHU, National president , hind sena and was led by jasbeer singh, state organizing secretary, yuva bridgade. Jasbeer singh speaking on naxalism that has taken deep root in different parts of state said that complete eradiation of naxalism is not possible, until and unless, the last man gets benefit from various schemes launched by government. Tribal people need to be awakened about their rights ao that they can fight successfully against naxalism and eliminate this cancer. Those present along with jasbeer on the occasion were mainly deelip sao, general secretary, vaishali nagar vidhan sabha; akash bhaskar, roni singhania, vivek sahu, arif khan, ajish pillal, umesh thapa, suneel agrawal, jitendra tandan, vijay bhaskar, gupta, monu kchatriya, shekh sabir, shanbhu katara, rajveer singh, Vicki singh, naresh sikka, Deepak sahu, roshan kadra, sanni singh, akash sahu, kishore sahu, goldi kumar, Deepak singh, ajay shah, madan kumar, rouki singh, jassu singh, suresh

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