mangesh vaidya sahu

Bhilai, SEPT 05: On the concluding Friday ( jumma) of the holy month of ramzan, hind sena organized an iftar party.

Uuder the directions of MANGESH VAIDYA SAHU ( PRESIDENT, HIND SENA ) invitation were sent to almost all the mosques by sheikh sadik raza and D narayan. MANGESH VAIDYA SAHU Said muslim breaks his ramzan fast in the evening, a band of angels record the faithful piety and it back to allah. Allah, pleased with the devout follower, showers him with rewards. He extended greetings to all the muslim brothers and preyed for peace and integrity. Akram ali, bablu khan, mohammad saif, harun khan, Rashid khan, Mustafa khan, mohammad kaish, farookh khan, anwar khan, faiz mohammad, naresh bharti, sunil kumar, janardan rai, rahul singh, david kumar, giriraj sona and others were present.


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