mangesh vaidya sahu

MANGESH VAIDYA SAHU, National president Hind Sena foundation and member of union steel ministry, has insisted that the decision to allow FDI in retail was aimed at creating jobs improving remuneration of farmers and enabling import of technology besides benefiting concumers . The decisions will benefit our country, he added.MANGESH VAIDYA SAHU further said that the decision will bring modern technology to the country, improve rural infrastructure, reduce wastage of agricultural produce and enable to get better prices for their crops.supporting the decision MANGESH VAIDYA SAHU said defferential that exists between wholesale and retail prices will reduce and consumers will get commodities of daily use at redused prices.he added that both big and small retailers can easily co-exist in a big country like india.he said  FDI in retail will result in creation of many new employment opportunities in a range of sectors like food processing transportation and storage.

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